Unsick Day: A Day Off for America's Health 

Shorty Awards | Health and Fitness, Social 2017


According to a Kelton Global Survey, 9/10 workers admitted to cancelling or rescheduling a preventive care appointment due to work-related constraints. On a national level, this means that only 25% of America's workforce is utilizing all of their preventive care visits like going to the dentist, getting their vision tested, seeing their dermatologist, and getting their yearly annual physical.

Thus, we created Unsick Day. A day for employees to take advantage of these visits that are often included as part of their health insurance. So far we have partnered with ten other brands to launch the campaign. From Oscar, Foursquare, Virgin Hotels, and many more. In the first week since launch we garnered more than 40 million impressions.  


Teaming with a small but mighty group we brought this movement to life. With a strong digital component, the fully integrated campaign spans multiple touchpoints including print, web, and other promotional items.


A Fully Integrated Campaign


Advertisement Director: Crobin | Agency: Office of Baby 


Unsick Day Website

See the whole website at Unsickday.com

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