Designing a Brand, Building a Product

Lamis came to fruition when the following observations were made in Doha:


•  1/3 women visit a salon twice a month

•  Many salons have long wait times

•  Qatar has a 93% Internet penetration rate 


Connecting with women in the region, I researched the landscape, goals, and behaviors of a cross section of women in Qatar. These women represented a mostly local, Arab demographic. Relying on questionnaires and video interviews, common experiences and pain points were highlighted.

User Personas

Designing the Brand, Building User Experience, & Interaction

Naming, visual identity design, wire framing, and prototyping for web and mobile was secured over the span of four months. A full brand along with a scoped out user experience and interface was shipped to developers in Lebanon to bring to life. 

Inspiration & Process

Visual Elements

User Flow | Responsive Web

Specific Search

Search by Category

User Flow | Specific Search

User Flow | Category Search

Salon Profile Page | Interaction

User Flow | Mobile App

Client Log In | Salon Dashboard