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Product | Branding, UI, UX

Lamis came to fruition when the following observations were made in Doha:


•  1/3 women visit a salon twice a month

•  Many salons have long wait times

•  Qatar has a 93% Internet penetration rate 

Beauty Salon Search


Connecting with women in the region, I researched the landscape, goals, and behaviors of a cross section of women in Qatar. These women represented a mostly local, Arab demographic. Relying on questionnaires and video interviews, common experiences and pain points were highlighted.

User Personas

Nadia Persona
Maya Persona
User Persona Sketch
User Persona Sketch
Rachel Persona


Naming, visual identity design, wire framing, and prototyping for web and mobile was secured over the span of four months. A full brand along with a scoped out user experience and interface was shipped to developers in Lebanon to bring to life. 


Beauty Salon Search
Beauty Salon Search
Beauty Salon Search
Beauty Salon Search
Bilingual Typography
Beauty Salon Search
Beauty Salon Search
Beauty Salon Search
Low Fidelity Mobile Mock

Visual Elements

Lamis App Icon
Lamis Header
Lamis Bilingual Logo
Lamis Color Palette
Lamis Typography
Lamis Typography
Lamis Icon Set
Lamis Icon Animation

User Flow | Responsive Web

Lamis Desktop Landing

Specific Search

Search by Category

User Flow | Specific Search

Search Field Service
Search Field Neighborhood
Search Field Day
Search Results
Search Field Time
Sort By

User Flow | Category Search

Category Search
Category Search Results

Salon Profile Page | Interaction

Salon Profile Page
Pricing Menu
Appointment Interaction
Appointment Confirmation

User Flow | Mobile App

Mobile App Landing
Mobile App Search Results
Mobile Salon Profile
iPad Landing
Mobile App Landing

Client Log In | Salon Dashboard

Client Log In
Client History
Salon Dashboard Daily View
Salon Weekly View
Appt Book Form
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