Hello from Faris!

I specialize in creating integrated art and copy that prompts conversation and sets brands apart from the competition. My work has been featured in Fast Company, The Dieline, Design Juices, and a few exhibitions abroad. 

A Purdue and Columbia graduate, I moved to NY to work for Ogilvy in 2008.

With over 10 years of combined experience, I've worked for non-profit and global clients. From branding luxury properties to launching a college-campus campaign focused on inoculation against the flu, I'm a passionate problem solver and team player. 

After successfully rebranding Zocdoc and launching an equally triumphant social campaign, I transitioned to Evoke Health where I direct art and creative for a +$3M multiple myeloma account.

These days you'll also find me happily designing around safety information, and regularly making guest appearances helping out with the agency's IVF, Hepatitis C, and baby formula accounts. 

I'm a member of the Type Directors Club and AIGA, New York.


Direct inquiries can be sent to fhabayeb@gmail.com.