Zocdoc Rebrand Case Study

Clio Award | Brand Design, Product/Service, 2016

Zocdoc is designed to solve patient problems. Given the start-up's growth, the brand was in need of a stronger point of view. With Power to the Patient as our rallying call, we teamed with Wolff Olins to create a design system that was people friendly and interactive..

Previous Brand Visuals

As a Senior Designer on the team, I attended creative sessions with Wolff Olins who were tasked with facilitating a new vision. Our challenge was to take this direction in-house and develop it across website, mobile, and all of our marketing materials. We were able to meet an aggressive six month deadline. The rebrand launched in February 2016.

Meet Zee, The New Face of Healthcare

A library of expressions were designed for added flexibility in the identity system. These expressions were animated in the booking flow as appointments loaded, communicating the patient journey.

Collateral for Launch

Reporting to the Director of Design, I teamed with a Junior Designer and
freelancers to create collateral that was integral to the launch of the new brand.

Product & Web

Working across web and product, I redesigned Zocdoc's website and helped with enhancing the product. Taking direction from Wolff Olins, I developed an icon set made up of 60 symbols. Additionally, I developed style guides for product, web, and master brand communication.

The Digital Healthcare Market Place

Creating value not just for patients but providers and larger health systems is an important part of the Zocdoc equation. Teaming with the VP of Marketing I set out to create B2B experiences that highlighted the value and tiers of offering.

Zocdoc Provider Tour Faris Habayeb

A New Illustration Style

I was charged with developing a new illustration style and determine its application across touchpoints. Preliminary creative concepts included exploring a wide range of styles.

Proposed art and copy for a Subway Campaign

Final Direction

The new direction involved a diverse range of patients, doctors, environments, and objects. Patients will always carry a Zee expression while providers will not. 

After setting the standard for our illustration style, I worked with an outside agency to animate a video that explained how Zocdoc works.

The style is always conversational, idiosyncratic, and smile-inducing

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